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We understand that people often buy cheap, plastic aquarium décor which is never as good as more natural looking features.

Our 3d backgrounds don’t have to be just for the experts, but for every fish keeper, especially for beginners. With us, you can find the perfect aquarium decoration that will certainly fit any fish tank size or budget. I imagine you would prefer excellent quality and a professional, natural looking aquarium at good value for money? At Aqua Maniac we specialise in providing exactly that and have had many excellent reviews from new and existing customers, even some who are beginners to the hobby. As aquarists ourselves, we offer experienced, expert advice that you can trust… for everyone. On our website you can order a made to measure 3D backgrounds which are easy to install in couple of minutes, you don't have to silicone them inside, or empty your aquarium. We can also provide you with natural aquarium decoration like white sand for cichlids, or black natural gravel. We stock wide range of drift wood, red moore roots and natural rocks.

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